What is aromatherapy? Benefits of aromatherapy massage

The most useful procedure in aromatherapy is massage with the application of essential oils; it combines therapeutic effects of a medical touch and beneficial characteristics of oils.

aromatherapyMassage has always been considered to be the most simple and effective method to achieve physical and mental relaxation. It is not a secret that many diseases, body and mental illnesses, start with the clamps in the body. And by relaxing specific areas of body masseur relieves tension, helps tired body to regain health and spiritual comfort.

Aroma therapists are using different massage methods. The important thing is not what type of method is used, but the fact that masseur senses his client as an integrated personality and cares about his benefits for body, mind and soul. The main thing is participation and a sincere desire to help the patient.

During the massage variety of touches are used (stroking, patting, pushing and etc.) to reduce pain, relax tense and frigid muscles, improve circulation and bring benefit for the physical body. Masseur touches the outer muscles under the skin, but the effect also spreads on more deeply located muscles and organs.

Some forms of massage are aimed at improving the physical condition of the body, but during the procedure people will feel relaxation and comfort. The purpose of massage is to achieve full relaxation. As a result, after the massage the person feels a burst of energy.

Usually, within a few hours after the massage people will feel themselves relaxed and happy, periodical massage helps to increase the length of the pleasant feeling. Massage does not only relax the muscles, but also helps your body to feel better. People tend to stretch their muscles at the moments of mental concentration and physical stress over time starts to cause mental stress. This habit unconsciously creates a vicious circle. Massage – is one of the solutions on breaking this vicious circle. Particularly is useful massage with essential oils, which has a calming and relaxing effect on the body and soul.

Some modern systems of massage based on the close relationship between body and soul. Exemption from the physical stress often leads to burst of emotions, even those which were hidden in a person for a very long time. Such a catharsis may occur if the client and the masseur established a trustful relationship. In the application of modern technology, intuitive massage gently removes superficial physical stress and gradually it helps to remove internal conflicts.

Massage has a great role in aromatherapy, mainly because of its ability to introduce and apply essential oils to the body. During the massage of the body essential oils can get into the bloodstream very quickly. For massage essential oil is always dissolved in the basis-oil, usually in concentrations of 3-5%. If for some reason it is impossible to make a whole body massage, you can make a back massage. This is enough to ensure that the body gets as much oil as necessary to ensure the therapeutic effect.

In some cases, massage is not recommended – if a person has infectious diseases of skin, dermatitis and dermatosis (embrocating may provoke itching), rashes, inflamed acne and varicose veins.

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