Health benefits of tomatoes and summer vegetables

The birthplace of tomato is South America, where until now you can come across wild verities of tomatoes. In the middle of the XVI century tomato came to Spain, Portugal and then to Italy, France and other European countries. For a long time tomatoes were considered inedible and even poisonous. European gardeners grew them as an exotic ornamental plant.

Tomatoes have many health benefits. Tomato vegetable is one of the most popular crops today due to its valuable nutrients and dietary qualities. These days, tomatoes are cultivated in open fields, greenhouses and even on people’s balconies.

benefits summer vegetablesThe main health benefit of tomatoes is that tomatoes contain large amounts of lycopene, which today is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Studies have concluded that lycopene is not only a powerful antioxidant, but may act as a regulator of gene functions that affect the immune system, as well as to accelerate the renewal of tissues. Researchers found that people between the ages of 77 to 98 years, whose blood contained high levels of lycopene, did not need outside help and easy dealt with kinds of activities like walking and swimming.

Sufficient scientific evidence suggests that people who eat tomatoes on a daily basis are less prone to prostate cancer and colon cancer, which is a substantial health benefit, don’t you think? To prevent disease and prolong life does not necessarily have to mean that only fresh tomatoes should be used. Lycopene is also found in sufficient quantities in tomato sauce, tomato soups and most likely in the canned tomatoes and etc. But it’s probably better not abuse consumption of ketchup stuffed with preservatives, sugar, etc.

Daily recommendation of tomatoes is 200-500gr, tomato juice – 500ml or tomato paste 200gr.

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