How to boost your immune system

We should discuss how you can boost your immune system and help your body get strong, so it can meet autumn and winter ubiquitous influenza virus and other...

We should discuss how you can boost your immune system and help your body get strong, so it can meet autumn and winter ubiquitous influenza virus and other catarrhal diseases. Of course – vitamins and minerals. Most important for the immune system are vitamins A, B5, C, D, F, PP; minerals selenium, zinc, calcium, iron, iodine, manganese.

Physical exercises

Useful physical exercises to boost your immune system are gymnastics, aerobics, fitness, running, walking, shaping, using fitness equipment also boost your immune system. But you cannot take a fancy from this! It is proved that excessive load damages immunity. Meals should be regular. Diet – preferably with a small amount of fat, parabenzoates and cholesterol. Rather beneficial is kefir – it contains bifidobacteria, increasing the activity of the immune response.

Food supplements

Food supplements can also boost your immune system. Among vegetable we can name – echinacea, garlic, liquorice, Eleutherococcus, magnolia vine. From the additives on the animal basis: propolis, breeding milk, shellfish hydrolysates and crustaceans modified chitin.

It is important to determine factors in time, which has a negative effect on the immune system and try to remove them before they do any harm. Even such things as insufficient lighting in the room, can in conjunction with other harming factors cause complications.


There are also some wrong beliefs regarding the immune system. For example, that all diseases come from weakened immunity. Naturally, the immune system plays a huge role in the life of every person and it is one of the most important systems. To some extent this will correspond to reality, but usually for the development of the disease there must be several factors, one of them may be weakened immunity. However there are some diseases that develop regardless of the immune system, but in the future this will lead to weakening of immune system (example – diabetes).

immune systemWith infectious diseases immunity can handle itself. This myth is also partly based on real facts – with many viruses and bacteria the immune system manages itself. But unfortunately, even very good immunity is often unable to resist a massive attack by the viruses and bacteria, or to resist powerful stimulus such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera, etc. If the micro-organisms overcome the protective barrier then the immune system will need help and immediate disease treatment. The decision about how to act, you need to take according to the situation. Sometimes, to help and boost the immune system eliminate harmful pathogens some general-strengthening methods is enough, such as vitamins. Sometimes, it is necessary to use antibacterial products or immunity correcting therapy.

It is necessary to take medicines in order to boost your immune system is another misconception. According to experts, strengthening the immunity of a healthy person using drugs is virtually impossible. The reason for this is that drugs are designed to strengthen the immunity of sick patients and helps only with combination with drugs for a specific disease. You cannot store health, but it can cause harm. Intake of such drugs may cause significant harm to human health. The chemical balance of the body – is rather fragile, incorrect and untimely stimulation of the immune system can cause autoimmune diseases.

It is false that all drugs designed from immune system boost the immune system. The point is that in addition to drugs that boost the immune system, there are drugs that are immune, but using them suppresses the immune system. Medicine uses them in cases of organ transplantation to ensure that the organism does not reject alien object. Also they are prescribed in cases of autoimmune diseases to suppress it.

From all the drugs only immune ones can affect immunity. This opinion is wrong. All the chemical substances have an impact on immunity. Regardless of the effect, suppressing or stimulating it will have on the immune system- some changes in its work will appear. And it is necessary to take into consideration that most drugs with long-term use can cause weakening of immunity; it is good to take preventive measures to maintain the body’s defense forces and to use general boosting drugs for support.

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