Breakfast Smoothies for the Whole Family

Do you ever wonder if you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber through the foods you eat on a daily basis? By making a few simple changes to your morning routine you can reach your goal without having to opt for a bottle of vitamins.

Great for Adults & Children

Mornings are a hectic time, especially if you have kids who are getting ready for school and a spouse who is rushing to work, it can be bedlam! How do you make sure everyone is heading out the door ready to do their best? A good place to start is with a change to the breakfast routine.

If your husband normally grabs a cup of coffee and a slice of toast for breakfast consider making him a fruit smoothie. The ingredients can be prepared the night before so all you have to do in the morning, is switch on the blender. He’ll be starting his day knowing he’s consumed a healthy amount of fiber from the fruit, protein from the milk and a wide range of life-enhancing vitamins.

Kids love starting their day with a smoothie, and when using fruit such as bananas, there is no need to add sugar. This is a much healthier option than the commercially prepared breakfast cereals which are targeted at children. By doing this, the blood sugar levels stay constant and they don’t get those sugar highs and lows associated with a rush of glucose to the bloodstream. Having a smoothie for breakfast will produce a better level of concentration at school and as a result, better grades.

Variety is Key

Try varying the fruits for an exciting breakfast time. Grains such as oats can be added and are best soaked overnight. Using flax seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts add to the nutrient value and goodness.

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Begin each day with a healthy smoothie and start a positive lifestyle change.

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