Healthy berries

Health benefits of cranberries

The actual name – cranberry, comes from the Greek word “oxys” – sharp, sour, and “coccus” – ball, so literally it is “sour ball”. Cranberry is one of the most nutritious fruits in nature and have plenty of benefits for your health. It contains sugar (3-6%), pectin substances, vitamin C (10-22 %), organic acids: citric

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Health benefits of blueberries

This article will introduce you to some of the health benefits of blueberries. It was already known that blueberries strengthen eyesight, but only recently it has been proved that blueberries possess a great number of health beneficial and unique properties. Scientists found that blueberries can restore our body functions and powerfully counteract ageing (and even

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Hawthorn berries are good for your health

The name “hawthorn” is very old; this shows that people used these plants medical abilities for a very long time. For therapeutic application hawthorn berries and flowers are used. Drugs made out of hawthorn berries increase hearts muscular contraction and at the same time reduce its irritability, stimulate blood circulation in the vessels of the

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