Healthy fruits

Watermelon juice. Health benefits of watermelon juice

Watermelon is very helpful at kidneys diseases and atony of the intestinal tract, promotes excretion of waste. Watermelons and watermelon juice is just irreplaceable for patients suffering from oedema due to the affection of the cardiovascular system, because they not only lead out redundant liquid from the organism but provide a considerable quantity of necessary

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Melon fruit. Health benefits of melon

Melon common is an annual plant of the gourd family with a creeping stem 1 – 3 m long. Fruits are big, aromatic. Fruit pulp, depending on the sort, can be white, greenish, light- orange. Health benefits of melon A ripe melon contains carbohydrates perfectly assimilated by the organism, glucose, fructose, saccharose form a great

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Dates nutrition and health benefits of dates

When Muslims break the fast, they usually start their meal with dates. It was said that Prophet Muhammad usually broke the fast with a few dates before the evening namaz (magrib) with a few dates. If there were no dates, he replaced them by raisins, if there were no raisins – by a few drinks

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