Healthy greens

Organic dill and health benefits of organic dill

Dill is an annual herbal plant and is by far one of the most popular herbs. All ground plant’s parts, especially seeds, contain essential oil with a pleasant flavour and aroma. Dill has long been cultivated and grown all over Europe and northern Africa, as well as in Asia. It was used by doctors of

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Coriander and coriander seeds for health and cooking

Coriander is a unique spicy plant, rich with carotene, vitamins and salts of kalium. Coriander is one of the oldest and widely used spicy herblike plants. It is an essential ingredient of Asian, Indian, Chinese, Latin-American, African, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Coriander seeds enjoy the same popularity, it is one of the most widely spread spice,

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Health benefits of green onion

Green onion contains microelements and provitamin A, vitamins PP and C, necessary for the human organism. 70 g of onion cover the requirement of the organism in ascorbic acid. Green onion is useful at avitaminosis, depression of strength, sleepiness, dizziness, spring lassitude. It has a curative effect at cold and influenza due to phytoncides that

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