Healthy seeds

Coriander and coriander seeds for health and cooking

Coriander is a unique spicy plant, rich with carotene, vitamins and salts of kalium. Coriander is one of the oldest and widely used spicy herblike plants. It is an essential ingredient of Asian, Indian, Chinese, Latin-American, African, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Coriander seeds enjoy the same popularity, it is one of the most widely spread spice,

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Sesame – all you need to know about sesame

Sesame (the genus Sesamum) is an annual plant growing to 60 to 150 cm tall. The fruit is an oblong, pointed at the top, green or slightly reddish capsule, 3 – 5 cm long. The seeds are egg-shaped, flat, 3 – 3,5 mm long, white, yellow, brown or black. Wildlife species occur only in Africa.

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