Healthy vegetables

Organic asparagus and health benefits of organic asparagus

Culture of asparagus has been known to the Greeks and the Romans long time ago. Asparagus spread starting in Italy and gradually throughout Europe. In France and England it was cultivated in the XV-XVI centuries. Currently, which is cultivated worldwide, there are more than 100 different kinds of asparagus. Organic asparagus is also a common

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Health benefits of beetroot

Recently, while doing some research on healthy living, I came across very interesting information about health benefits of beetroot. I discovered that even Romans knew about its secret power & benefit. It was used by them as an aphrodisiac!!! Yes, apparently beetroot can be helpful in production of human sex hormones as it contains one

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Health benefits of cucumber

There are many health benefits of cucumbers. Cucumbers can be described as nurse of the human body, though many believe cucumbers are just water. Cucumber contains 97% of water, which contains needed for the body microelements. Another health benefit of cucumber is that it contains microelements which neutralize harmful acids. The acids come from meat,

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