Diet & nutrition

How to eat healthy, meat facts and your healthy diet

How to eat healhty was known to man from very early days, people’s food was mainly supplied by Mother Nature: fruits, vegetables, herbs, weeds, etc. Later on, the hunting ages started and we tasted the meat for the first time. Until now we glorify our meat and cook it in different ways. We use animal

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Simple detox plan – easy detox planning and suggestions

As I have recently put on weight and was to busy o see what was putting into my mouth. I started looking for ‘light’ detox plan. I came across a few suggestions and decided to mix them up a bit and follow just the general tips. I’ve made a decision to do detox for seven

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Pros and Cons of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Omnivorous Diets

The Vegan Diet A vegan diet consists entirely of vegetables and grains.  Vegans do not consume animal products or animal byproducts.  This means the don’t consume foods like steak, eggs, or milk in any form. Pros Vegans tend to be much thinner, have lower blood pressure, lower amounts of body fat, and have lower cholesterol. 

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