Diabetic Diet: No Processed Food

The diabetic diet has no room for processed food in it, especially since we are creatures of habit. The diabetic diet is not tough to follow, however being creatures of habit the diabetic diet could easily follow the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” children’s story. I saw a commercial recently where a woman was teasing her spouse I believe to come up with a reason why high fructose corn syrup was bad.

Why Make the Diabetic Diet Tough?

As a diabetic, you know that being on any kind of diet is tough. The diabetic diet is actually easy to follow if you understand some super simple guidelines! One of the more important is trying to stay away from processed foods. The commercial I mentioned earlier that I had seen should be considered misleading. High fructose corn syrup is not good for you! Actually just about any processed food is very bad for you! Why? The answer is simple, when food is processed it changes and is no longer something your body is accustom to. Look at flour for example, we all know whole grain unbleached flour is not that horrible for us. Why would white flour than be a problem to include in your new diabetic diet? It has been bleached, the goodness that was there has been altered, changed, and broken down. This is a reason why white flour and white sugar can cause your blood sugar to spike a bit. The reason it spikes is that the now super small processed particles and molecules can be sucked right into your blood stream.

Will you be paying sliightly more for your healthier food? Quite possibly, and if it is tough financially I would really chat with your doctor about Gymnema! The diabetic diet, again, is super easy to follow. Go through your cabinets and read your labels. A very easy rule of thumb I was taught when studying the diabetic diet was that if I could not pronounce it, my body couldn’t use it! Again, do not forget you are embarking on the diabetic diet to change your life, make it easy and let the diabetic diet work for you!

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