How to Finance a Major Dental Procedure

Routine dental care is relatively affordable for most families, but needed extensive dental procedures can get costly in a heartbeat. There are ways to find an affordable option to financing the procedure, but you need to first discuss how much the costs will be with your dentist. below are few ideas for funding your procedure as painlessly as possible.

Get an Estimate of Total Costs

It will be hard to find a way to finance a major dental procedure without knowing what the estimated costs could be. You need to make sure that you fully understand all of the possible expenses, including prescription medications, future office visits and ongoing treatments.

Pre-Payment Plans

Ask if the dental clinic offers a pre-payment plan in which you can add money out of each paycheck towards the costs of the procedure. Many dental offices are beginning to offer this service for the more expensive procedures. Most will not perform the dental service until the amount is paid in full, but it gives you an option when money is tight.

Personal Savings Account

Saving money on a regular basis is a good idea, but it seems hard to do at times. Opening a savings account specifically to take care of a long-standing serious dental issue might give you the fortitude to follow through. The interest earned is minimal, but you can add the money up over the weeks and find the amount you need is not the mountain you thought initially.

Credit Cards

Paying for the procedure using credit cards is a viable option, but it may end up costing you a small fortune in interest fees. You should really only consider this option as a last resort and the procedure is needed right away.

Dental Insurance and Finance Companies

Check with your healthcare insurer to see if you have any type of dental coverage on your plan. This is not a typical coverage on most employer-sponsored plans and some do not cover extensive procedures. There may be finance plans available that offer low interest payments, if you have qualifying credit.

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