Supplemental Reading: Great Fitness Blogs

On my journey to discover more about how to be fit myself, I’ve discovered some great places out there for material.  Being fit encompasses a whole gamut of things, like eating healthy, exercising, and staying motivated.  There are also places with great stories and overall fitness tips from people sharing their journey.

Extreme Human Performance

Mike T Nelson runs a blog that taps into an amazing group of people.  They are concerned with reaching perfection and perpetual progress with muscle building exercise. They do a ton of videos on the proper way to do specific exercises, which are extremely useful.  Through this blog I found out biofeedback, which I’ve talked about before. Mike really knows what he’s talking about.

John is Fit

This guy John is documenting his journey to lose weight.  He started at almost 300 pounds and worked is way to just above 260 pounds, but it looks like he’s been slipping a bit lately. I’ve only been following the blog for a short time, but I’m addicted to going back and reading old posts.

I’m really routing for this guy and hoping he can pull through.  Hey John, if you’re reading this, maybe we can help each other get more fit. He’s been sporadic about posting, but it’s been at least once a month since he started and he often posts daily.


Brandon has an amazing story.  He was never overweight, but he’s just been rocking his health since a young age.  Although I wouldn’t consider him an expert, he’s walked the walk.  He’s had some brushes with medical issues that just killed his fitness, but he always bounced back.  His approach is total mind and body fitness, which ultimately leads to success. Brandon posts almost every day with intensely awesome, in depth content.

Josef Brandenburg

Josef runs a great blog and the recipes and food advice are amazing.  He is really knowledgeable about food and health in general. Whenever you’re feeling like you need a pick-me-up for your next meal, hit up his blog first.  He posts every couple days, so there is plenty to absorb out there!

Think Simple Now

75% of good solid fitness is motivation.  The blog was started by Tina Su and is run by her and a slew of other contributors.  The entire blog is about personal motivation in every aspect of life: happiness, finance, health, etc. This is the perfect supplement to your diet and exercise routing because it will bring you success in those and every other aspect of your life as well.  They post one or two times a week, so you won’t have too much information overload either.


I’m loving the data from “John is Fit” too.  John, you deserve a little extra recognition for that because I’m a geek. What fitness blogs do you read?  I’m really interested in absorbing as much as I can about getting healthier, so throw some info at me.

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