Gymnema preventing sugar cravings?

Gymnema Will Make You Eat Less Sugar and Loose Weight! Is that True About Gymnema? Read on!

Can Gymnema prevent sugar cravings? I heard some truth to that and decided to research the topic a bit and I was pretty excited as I’d be learning something new! I am not new at all to fads and health trends that have little to no backing, gymnema hasn’t hit that list yet, however something similar to gymnema – hoodia, partially has. I say partially because the truth was expanded quite a bit. This blog is not going to be totally about gymnema being your new sweet tooth killer, however it’ll be geared more toward advertisements and their potential effect. I’ll couple that with my experiences at Vitamin World and a gym I owned. I’ll walk across a line that shouldn’t be crossed, however normally is, and what it means to you.

Is This Another Advertising Trick Using Gymnema?

Whenever new research shows a possibility of something that will be marketable, companies large and small run with it. Look at hoodia, a plant native to Africa, for example. African hunters and warriors ate the plant to ward off hunger which could be attributed to a couple of things. One, they also drank water when they ate (water is sometimes scare, so eating and drinking at the same time makes a TON of sense!), and also, like gymnema, they did not grind the plant down from what I’ve read to make a powder and then place that powder into pill form. Is it illegal for a company to lie? Yep! However, it is not illegal, although it is unethical, is often portrayed as fluffery. Can eating hoodia or using pure hoodia extract aid in appetite suppression? It can, and I have seen it happen at specific concentrations and amounts.

Gymnema could be no different than hoodia in the way advertising companies take over the awesome plant. I will tell you this about gymnema – you will not loose 18 pounds over night! However, can sucking on a gymnema tablet ease your sweet tooth? It may sound outlandish however don’t discount yet another gymnema power attribute just yet! I read on Dr. Roles blog regarding gymnema and did a bit more research, there is an extremely probable possibility.

My take on gymnema preventing sugar cravings

My take on gymnema preventing sweet tooth or sugar cravings? I say buy into the idea, however let’s take a peak at tincture’s as well as pills. Talk to your doctor! Read the post on gymnema and sugar cravings I listed above. Give me some feedback folks! What did YOU find on gymnema, or anything else diabetic diet resources related? Let’s get a community going here!

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