Hawthorn berries are good for your health

The name “hawthorn” is very old; this shows that people used these plants medical abilities for a very long time. For therapeutic application hawthorn berries and flowers are used.

Hawthorn berriesDrugs made out of hawthorn berries increase hearts muscular contraction and at the same time reduce its irritability, stimulate blood circulation in the vessels of the heart and brain, normalize heart rhythm, slightly lower blood pressure, improve the general condition of cardiac patients. In medicine hawthorn tree berries are used for heart diseases in the form of liquid extract, removes tachycardia (heart palpitations) and arrhythmia (disturbance in the rhythm of the heart), used with decompensation of the heart (low work rate), neuroses, as well as in angina.

The therapeutic properties of hawthorn berries are such that products from it calm the nervous system and have beneficial effects on the patient’s heart activity. The extract of hawthorn berries is included in cardiovalenum. Drugs from hawthorn berries reduces cholesterol amount in the blood, improves blood vessels and brain activity, reduces the irritability of central nervous system, increases blood circulation in coronary vessels, relieves mental and physical fatigue, normalizes the activities of the thyroid gland and are also effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

In addition, hawthorn lowers blood pressure and has a calming effect, suggested as medication for sleep and for rinsing with diseases of the throat. Hawthorn berries contain vitamins (C, P), carotene, a number of acids, a lot of sugars in the form of fructose (so you can eat them with diabetes), a lot of pectin (it forms during gel processing), salts removing heavy metals and other harmful substances from the body (reduces level of cholesterol in the blood). People also use hawthorn berries to cure cramps with kidney stones, also for dysentery. Dry hawthorn berries could be used to make tea. Hawthorn berries tea helps cure the diseases of urinary organs, cough and diseases of the lungs.

Hawthorn tree can grow in urban conditions, especially with coriaceous leaves because they are dust and gas proof and represent an excellent material to create a thick impermeable live fence. Hawthorn tree is beautiful in spring, when covered with snow-white, cream or pink inflorescences and in fall thanks to abundant bright-red, orange or black berries and a long living foliage, which is painted in bright yellow and red hues in many species.

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