Health benefits of beetroot

Recently, while doing some research on healthy living, I came across very interesting information about health benefits of beetroot. I discovered that even Romans knew about its secret power & benefit.

health benefits beetrootIt was used by them as an aphrodisiac!!! Yes, apparently beetroot can be helpful in production of human sex hormones as it contains one of minerals involved in process – baron. I presume this could be one of the best health benefits of all.

In Eastern Europe, this vegetable is very important in everyday cuisine. The famous soup borscht is based on one ingredient – the almighty beetroot, but its variations depend on country or region.

One of the extremely testy innovations (for some of you for sure:) will be my mother’s recipe for horseradish and grated beetroot mixture. The vegetable needs to be cooked and then grated finely. Afterwards just add horseradish mix and it is done!!! The proportions to start with can be two medium size beetroots and one jar of horseradish. But everything depends on your taste; the idea is to have strong original flavours with beautiful colour.

Just to sum up here are the health benefits of beetroot

  • good for your sex life
  • its substances are used in treating depression as they allegedly relax our mind
  • one of the substances called trytophan, as I found out during my research, present in our favourite chocolate too, adds something up to our sense of well being

By the way, we should not worry about the pigment, it goes through our system without any impact on our body, it is just a little reminder that we just had some beetroots.

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