How to eat healthy, meat facts and your healthy diet

How to eat healhty was known to man from very early days, people’s food was mainly supplied by Mother Nature: fruits, vegetables, herbs, weeds, etc. Later on, the hunting ages started and we tasted the meat for the first time.

how to eat healthyUntil now we glorify our meat and cook it in different ways. We use animal fats to make our dishes taster and more flavoured. But is really way to the healthy and happy living?
It is commonly known that eating too much of the wrong fat can increase the chances of becoming obese or developing heart diseases or even cancer.

I have found some interesting facts about meat itself. Allegedly game meat has only around 4% fat, where modern farms deliver to us meat with 40-60% saturated fats!!! These fats are useless to our organism. They poison us by putting away in the most objectionable places and at the same time ruin our health.

Some people say for them not to eat meat is impossible as they love the taste of it. Actually we are just used to the convenience of eating it. It is easy to cook, it is easy to store in our refrigerators and freezers. The taste and smell associate with meat comes from spices and herbs we use to cook it. The meat itself is smelly and not tasty at all!

What more important not eating meat when you becoming older is actually recommended to keep yourself physically and mentally fit and to stay in tune with your body and mind.

Body that gets old is poisoned after years and years of abusing it. We all get old with every moment and maybe we should think how we treat our precious shell?

I found during my research that recommendation for healthy fat intake is around 60 grams for 2000 calorie diet. But I am sure it depends on your age, sex and your health condition. It is always advised to see your doctor or nutritionist before changing your eating habits.

For now, we can just follow Mediterranean style of living. Allegedly the diet from the South keeps the people living there quite healthy. The reason for that lies in monounsaturated fats like olive oil, canola and peanut oil and avocados. The olive oil and others mentioned has been the most common part of this diet. Maybe that is why those counties have a very low rate of many cholesterol related diseases and cancer.

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