Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms : Jenn’s Story and What to Watch For

Juvenile diabetes symptoms are something you need to be aware of as they are warning signs for an extremely serious condition! I have seen the ups and downs of diabetes in all its forms. The one that scares me the most, personally, is Type 1 symptoms, or juvenile diabetes symptoms are some of the worst. With juvenile diabetes symptoms it is extremely rare for a reversal, as the pancreas is pretty much just an onbject in your body that no longer serves a purpose. The symptoms for juvenile diabetes range, however there are some stark similarities in cases.

Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms and Jenn

What about the type 1 diabetes diet? Why wasn’t it mentioned? We’re going to stary away from that and read a small rundown of my girlfriends experience with her juvenile diabetes symptoms, here we go!

“I had no idea what juvenile diabetes symptoms were, I know I felt really sick and very tired out of the blue. I had no energy, even at the start of the day. I couldn’t concentrate in school either. I dropped a substantial amount of weight, and would feel sick to my stomach after only a sip or two of soda! I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t drink because I was always thirsty although I was hardly ever hungry, I never had an appetite! It’s like I was a normal everyday kid getting into trouble around the house and out of the blue it’s like something hit me. We found out the hard way that I was diabetic. One day I just felt worse than I had lately and collapsed. I was rushed to the hospital and my sugar was around 1800, which is borderline diabetic coma levels!

I was laid up in the hospital for a little bit and the doctor told my mother all the warning signs I had were juvenile diabetes symptoms, even though I was a pre-teen. My life is not over yet in fact I live a very normal life. I just have to watch my sugar levels and make sure I am eatting the right stuff. I still cheat once in a while but have stable blood sugar levels on average and my A1C level’s actually even dropped a little bit!”

It is of extreme importance if you think you are suffering from even just one of the mentioned juvenile diabetes symptoms to contact your doctor immediately. Don’t be scared, nor suprised if he says he will meet you at the hospital! Do not ignore these basic juvenile diabetes symptoms. Are they all the juvenile diabetes symptoms? Absolutely not as everyone’s juvenile diabetes symptoms will vary as we are not all robots.

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