How to Make Your Hair Look 2x Better Than It Already Is

As the seasons change, it’s really nice to switch things up and enjoy a new look. An easy way to get a new look is by dying your...

As the seasons change, it’s really nice to switch things up and enjoy a new look. An easy way to get a new look is by dying your hair a brand new color. A new hair color can really flatter your skin and give you a look you’ve always wanted. However, it is important to note that hair dyes are very strong and leave a lasting imprint. Sure, the dye job fades after a while. But, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a color you’re going to love. There are a few ways you can make the decision on a hair color before you actually go through with the process.

1. Find similar work on others.

If you’re currently blonde and want to do a jet black shade, go to Google and do a search. Find celebrities that made the same shift. Going from such a light color to a dark color can be really drastic. However, if that’s the look you’d like to achieve, find celebrities with your complexion with pull off the look beautifully. It might be a good idea to create an inspiration board. Find great pictures of the look you want and put them on the board. The more you see it, the more you’ll be able to decide if it’s a look you’d like to keep for the next few months to a year.

2. Get a weave.

Install a weave in the color you’d like to try. A weave is a great way to test out a specific color. Because it’s temporary, you can see if you like the color and easily take it out. You can easily find hair extensions Australia online. Make sure that you purchase hair that’s similar to your real hair texture. This will help you get a more realistic idea of the look will come together. Take note of what people say. If you get a lot of compliments, this is a sign that it’s a great idea to move forward with. Granted, it’s important to do things that make you happy. However, a second and third opinion can’t hurt. Once you get the weave installed, don’t forget to take good care of your real hair that’s underneath.

3. Ask the professionals.

It’s always beneficial to have the expertise and wisdom of someone who specializes in hair dyes and coloring jobs. To find the best colorist in town, ask around and do your research. Once you find a colorist that you’d like to work with, sit down for a consultation first. Since you’re now working with an expert, heed their advice. They do this type of work every day so they know what they’re doing. Remember that the colorist isn’t just thinking about the gorgeous color, they’re also there to protect the integrity of your hair. With that type of perspective, you’ll be in good hands by consulting a professional.

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