Aphrodisiacs – natural aphrodisiacs foods for men and women

Natural aphrodisiacs are food products that can give an unforgettable experience every evening of your family life. Aphrodisiacs are a powerful weapon of seduction and sustenance of never-ending love fire.

natural-aphrodisiacs-foodsNatural aphrodisiacs are not necessarily related to the exotic high-price products which are meant exclusively for special occasions. Many aphrodisiacs are included in our daily menu, but we are not even aware of this.

Natural aphrodisiacs are mainly in food products, improving our body’s vital forces and the level of our sexual abilities.

Aphrodisiacs foods must contain

  • Zinc and selenium, which are necessary for the development of the male hormone- testosterone;
  • Easily absorbed natural sugars, fatty acids and proteins, which serve as a source of energy;
  • Vitamin A, which is responsible for the correct secretion of the genital organs;
  • Vitamin B1, which affects the level of hormones
  • Vitamin C, to enhance immunity
  • Vitamin E, to avoid exhaustion
  • Substances that positively affect the digestion
  • Substances that have an exciting and relaxing effect on the organism

Natural aphrodisiacs foods

In drawing up a menu for a romantic dinner, preference should be given to light, but nutritious products. Salads, desserts, first and second meals, which include the following available aphrodisiacs, it can help you bring to life your most exquisite dreams.

Seafood – contains a large number of required for male strength zinc, phosphorus for the proper functioning of the nervous system and iron for the development of sexual energy.

Eggs – contain vitamins A, B1 and a large number of proteins, which has a positive effect on male potency.

Nuts – contain large amounts of easily assimilated protein. Almond is a source of vitamin E, pistachio nuts – zinc.

Honey – the most delicious and effective regenerator of sexual energy, due to the large number of biologically active substances.

Mushrooms – contain large amounts of protein and zinc.

Ginger – undeservedly forgotten spice, improves digestion and as the people say – charm and appeal.

Celery – was a part of the favorite marquise de Pompadours salad and she knew a lot about sensual pleasures. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

Strawberries with champagne – the most popular aphrodisiac, unchanging attribute of a romantic dinner. Carbon dioxide that is contained in champagne stimulates the cleavage of sugar in the strawberries that result in higher levels of female hormones.

And do not forget to ask beforehand culinary predilections of your partner. Because the main aphrodisiacs without a doubt are – good mood, smile, tenderness and the words «I love you».

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