Organic asparagus and health benefits of organic asparagus

Culture of asparagus has been known to the Greeks and the Romans long time ago. Asparagus spread starting in Italy and gradually throughout Europe. In France and England it was cultivated in the XV-XVI centuries. Currently, which is cultivated worldwide, there are more than 100 different kinds of asparagus.

organic asparagus benefitsOrganic asparagus is also a common ornamental plant, but the young, juicy, sweet and fragrant shoots are used in healthy cooking and healthy diets.

There are kinds of asparagus, where the eatable part is the tubers and not the shoots. This asparagus is grown in India and some African countries. Tubers of asparagus are similar in size to potatoes and taste like nuts.

The name “asparagus medication” is widely known and relates to the healing properties of this plant which are beneficial for your health. In the middle Ages, it was grown by pharmacists for medicinal purposes. Asparagus was also long known in folk medicine as diuretic. Scientific medicine, found that it helps to remove chlorate and phosphate.

Organic asparagus is recommended for kidney disease, heart, rheumatism and gout. Health benefits of organic asparagus: helps reduce blood pressure, strengthens the heart and reduces fatigue.

The other health benefit of organic asparagus is that it also is a valuable dietary product. Shoots of asparagus are rich in protein substances (1.9%). It also contains various vitamins: C (20 %), B1, B2, PP and provitamin A. Some of the minerals that asparagus contains: K – 196 mg, sodium – 40mg, calcium – 21mg, Magnesium – 20mg, iron – up to 1mg, phosphorus – 62 mg.

Loss of vitamin C in the process of cooking in green organic asparagus is less than in the bleached asparagus, as green asparagus almost does not need to be cleaned from the skin, which is also a great health benefit. The content of vitamin C in the skin is significantly higher than in the heart of the asparagus. Most of the vitamin C is the tops of the shoots.

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