Organic jojoba oil

Nowadays organic jojoba oil is a very fashionable remedy in cosmetology. It is a unique oil, similar in its properties to spermaceti; in its chemical composition it has no match in the plant kingdom. Its usage history counts millennia. Samples of jojoba oil found in Egyptian pyramids fully preserved their qualities. It is not oil as such, it represents a fluid wax obtained from nuts by the method of cold pressing.

jojoba oilOrganic jojoba oil properties are determined by amino acids contained in it as components of proteins which in their structure remind collagen, substance responsible for skin elasticity. Fatty acids that are present in jojoba oil in great quantities in their composition are similar to subdermal fat cellular tissue and have a long molecular chain. In addition, the oil is valuable, for it is stable to rancidification (acidification) and suits ideally the technology of cosmetics production.

Jojoba oil peculiarity is its high fluidity and penetration quality. That is why the oil soaks into the deep layers of skin, perfectly moisturizes them, restores, nourishes, and protects. Natural jojoba oil is effective against dermatitis and inflammations of the skin. It removes redness, stops inflammation process, normalizes skin humidity and the oil glands work.

Jojoba oil is recommended for any type skin care, especially dry, overdried, inflamed, peeling, ageing, weary and loose. Smoothes wrinkles around eyes. Effective for problem skin, acne eruption, skin crevices, small traumas. Used in prophylaxis and removal of skin stretch marks after pregnancy and body weight change.

Organic jojoba oil invigorates hair, prevents hair fall, adds it shine and radiance. The oil is especially useful for damaged, fragile hair with split ends.

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