The Impact of Sugary Drinks on Oral and Systemic Health

It is well documented that excessive consumption of sugars leads to oral erosions and obesity. However, the sugars often come from surprising sources. When thinking of a sweet beverage, we tend to visualize a can of soda, but there are other foods and beverages that cause caries and weight gain.

What Qualifies as Sugary Drinks and Foods

•    Sodas
•    Energy drinks
•    Juices
•    Sports drinks
•    Fruit drinks with added sugars
•    Pre-sweetened coffees and teas
•    Ketchup and other condiments
•    Bakery products
•    Natural granola bars
•    Flavored cereals
•    Protein bars
•    Dried fruit and more

The World Health Organization adheres to its stringent limit of 25 grams of daily sugar consumption. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines are more relaxed and allow 50 grams of sugar per day. A can of Mountain Dew satisfies almost all sugar allowance for the day.

How Sugary Drinks Affect the Overall Health

A constant intake of sugary nutrients frequently leads to rampant caries and other dental issues such as gum disease and premature tooth loss. It has also been linked to Type 2 diabetes, gastric ailments, cardiovascular diseases and kidney stones. However, new studies by Harvard researchers show that the sugar consumption continues to decline in USA. One of the most noted reasons is public awareness and education provided by dental and medical professionals.

When visiting a dentist in wheeling il, the initial dental care begins with full evaluation of patient’s medical history including their dietary habits. Regularly scheduled visits will ensure early detection of any existing dental discrepancies and can be promptly addressed. Along with routine prophylactic cleanings with the dental hygienist, all patients are educated on the proper methods of oral care regimen at home and possible options for treatment to prevent any complex dental issues in the future.

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