Treating Foot Conditions

If you have any kind of foot or ankle pain or notice anything about the appearance of your foot that isn’t normal, then you should visit a foot and ankle clinic Kissimmee FL doctors work at to have it checked. It only takes a minor infection to lead to something that is dangerous and that could result in amputating a toe or more of your foot. For some people, infections and sores on the foot that don’t heal properly are a sign of diabetes.

Any time that there is excessive swelling in your feet or in the ankle region or there is any numbness, then you need to see a foot specialist soon. These symptoms could be the result of pinched nerves or other health conditions that need to be addressed with medications or physical therapy. Don’t think that you can simply walk off any kind of pain that you have. Even if walking or elevating your feet does relieve some of the symptoms that you have, they will often come back and be worse than they were before.

Thick calluses or corns usually have to be removed by a foot specialist. If you’re a diabetic, this is usually the best option instead of trying to remove them yourself. You should also let a foot doctor cut your toenails if you’re a diabetic to prevent any kind of infection from developing. Bunions are another issue that you should have treated by a foot doctor. They might not cause any pain, but they can make it difficult to have a steady gait and can make wearing shoes difficult because they often grow on the sides of the feet. Cracked heels that don’t seem to heal or pain in your heels when you walk should be addressed as well. Infection can set up in cracked heels since you’re walking on the floor and wearing shoes that have had your feet and socks in them.

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