Watermelon juice. Health benefits of watermelon juice

Watermelon is very helpful at kidneys diseases and atony of the intestinal tract, promotes excretion of waste.

Watermelons and watermelon juice is just irreplaceable for patients suffering from oedema due to the affection of the cardiovascular system, because they not only lead out redundant liquid from the organism but provide a considerable quantity of necessary sugars.

watermelon juiceWatermelon cellulose improves the work of the intestinal tract and helps to lead out redundant cholesterol.
One can eat up to 2 – 2.5kg of watermelon per day. Eating watermelon regularly or drinking watermelon juice helps in treatment of kidney stone diseases. Watermelon helps dissolve and clear salts form the organism.

Watermelon juice is prescribed in the case of liver disease (cirrhosis, intoxication, Botkin’s disease, cholelithiasis), anaemia, homeopathy and blood-forming organs diseases and even in the case of after-effects of radiation sickness.

At atherosclerosis, podagra, arthritis, obesity, watermelon or watermelon juice is recommended as a weight-reducing diet: 1.5l of juice or watermelon flesh per day. This weight loss diet should be arranged 1 – 2 days per week. One should not eat anything except watermelon. Drink only boiled water.

If there are no special recommendations, watermelon juice is taken on 1 glass with a tablespoon of honey 3 – 5 times per day. “Watermelon milk” – seeds of watermelon letf in cold water (1:10) is widely used in curative aims. Attention: watermelon juice or watermelon flesh is not recommended in the case of the attack of peptic ulcer, for the ill with colitis combined with stomach upset (diarrhoea). The ill with diabetes are allowed to eat watermelon, taking into account daily allowance of sugar.

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