Health benefits of tai chi & how to improve your fitness

I have been attending Tai Chi classes for a more than a year now. I used to do Tai Kwon Do (proudly have gained yellow belt), but when...

I have been attending Tai Chi classes for a more than a year now. I used to do Tai Kwon Do (proudly have gained yellow belt), but when it became too serious (I mean we started real kicking and punching in the class) I knew it was not for me.

I was always fascinated by the slow motion sport I could mainly see on a television screen. I liked the idea of people working together plus I was wondering if the power of this martial art was really so big?

Tai ChiThe first thing you notice about Tai Chi when you start doing it is the pain next day.  Yes, your poor muscles are forced to move! Even though everything is done very slowly and with high care you move you body in the ways you didn’t know was possible.

The sport itself is so beneficial for your health because it teaches you how to stand, walk and maintain your posture properly at all times. How many of us know that standing on stiff knees can destroy our spine and put unnecessary pressure on our lower back? We cannot even breathe properly any more. All the time rushing we forget that oxygen in adequate amount is the most important food for our body.

In one of the books about Tai Chi I read that we should follow children in the way they stand and carry themselves around. Because those lovely, little creatures are born with natural knowledge of what is good for us. Only later in life we all become stiff like broomsticks.

For me, Tai Chi is a road to a balance or I would rather say the balance. After practising for a period of time, I fell more relax and in control. I wonder how it feels after a few years.

Practicing with other people makes you also feel the connection with surrounding world. Looking for a rhythm within the group makes you realise something: we are a part of a great harmony and realising it can only have positive meaning.

The other thing I like about Tai Chi is the tradition of having a cup of tea with you classmates after the lesson. It bounds you with people of similar interests and goals.
Every time I come back home after the meeting I feel light, relaxed and like I just come back from two weeks holiday

So believe me – there is no time to wait. Tai Chi is for all of us and has a great health benefit as well. Tai Chi is the only martial art that does not know the age group or does not divide people into male and female sections. All you need is a little bit of will and that is it. You improving yourself in you own pace.

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