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As I have recently put on weight and was to busy o see what was putting into my mouth. I started looking for ‘light’ detox plan. I came...

As I have recently put on weight and was to busy o see what was putting into my mouth. I started looking for ‘light’ detox plan. I came across a few suggestions and decided to mix them up a bit and follow just the general tips.

I’ve made a decision to do detox for seven days only, as some of the long term detox plans could be to dangerous and its better to speak with your doctor first, before starting detox.

I discovered that most of the detox suggestions are just a healthy everyday leaving tips. Like for example foods to include while on detox: Fresh fish and seafood (as long as slightly fried or steamed) can be equivalent of all heavy meats. Fish in water like salmon or tuna will be fine too.

Fruits: either fresh, frozen canned or dried, all type of fruits is good for us, as well as natural fruit juice. We can easily buy juices in shops as long as they are produce with no sugar and they are pure.

simple-detox-planWe should include in our diet all kinds of vegetables in similar conditions to fruits. All canned veggies shouldn’t contain any salt or sugar. It is very important to swap white rise for brown, and all pastas for rice noodles, as the first ones are very fattening.

It is also recommended to eat lots of oats as they are full of nutrition and great for breakfast. Can set you up for the whole day!

As snacks and extras it is advised to use: live natural yogurt (personally prefer low fat as it has better taste), extra virgin olive oil or canola oil and all kinds of fresh herbs, garlic and ginger.

All nuts and seeds must be unsalted, also plain popcorn would be fine. Herbal teas, around 2 litres of water a day are ‘must be’. Use honey to sweeten your food and drinks.

The main things to avoid are: all diary, meats, butters and margarines, food including wheat: pastas or breads. Say goodbye for a while to chocolate and all sweets (swap them for oat biscuits), crisps and anything that contains sugar. Breakfast tea, coffee or alcohol is off the agenda as well.

The most important! No takeaways, ready meals or sauces! No salt or fizzy drinks. No mayonnaise, pickles and ready made dressings for your salads.
I know it sound difficult but it will definitely teach you some new, healthy habits. For me personally,  it worked miracles and I learned that eating healthy is much easier that I thought!

Hope my little list of things to eat and not to eat will help some of you.

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