Brain health. How to keep brain healthy?

To restore nerve cells is quite a simple job: one should constantly activate as many areas of the brain as possible. A set of not complicated exercises called...

To restore nerve cells is quite a simple job: one should constantly activate as many areas of the brain as possible. A set of not complicated exercises called neurobics – aerobics for the brain – is very helpful to achieve this aim and keep your brain healthy.

Neurobics for brain – simple and with pleasure

Brain healthFrom a grammatical point of view, “neurobics” is a complex word consisting of two parts: “neuro” (neurons, if you remember, are nerve cells and brain cells) and “obics” (on the analogy with aerobics, means motion, gymnastics). That is, performing exercises belonging to the rank of neurobic, you set in motion (and very energetic one) your cells, including brain cells. You will be surprised when you understand how simple these exercises are and how little is needed to bring your brain in active condition and keep your brain healthy.

To have an effect, neurobics must become an essential part of life. To change your life in little things today and always is quite enough to activate brain work. Sometimes we even do not suspect to what degree of automatism our habits and actions are brought up, how predictable and calculable we are. So gymnastics for the brain should be started with, one would think, the most essential actions of everyday life.

Change your morning to help your brain health

Everyone has its own waking-up ritual. As a rule it is mapped out to minutes and even seconds. You get up, follow morning procedures, make breakfast, dress up, see the rest members of your family to work (to school or kindergarten). Same thing happens every day. It seems that you can perform your daily routine with closed eyes. And what about shutting your eyes, as for instance, when you put on your suit. Or go further – choose your clothes with closed eyes, relying on your sense organs? And your brain all of a sudden will tremble: these tasks will seem too unusual for it, but they must be fulfilled. So brain cells will begin to move and become active.

And do not stop on this first stage. Try to clean your teeth with closed eyes (and of course, you should blindly, by feel look for belongings). And then instead of customary morning coffee and toasts put on the table cups with fragrant herbal tea, eat for breakfast not traditional sandwiches but, for example, oatmeal biscuits – delicious and healthy.

Take a new rout when you go to work to keep your brain healthy & active

Our rout to work and back home most of all is customary to minute particulars. To activate brain cells, you can, of course, try to go a part of the route with closed eyes, but it won’t be safe for you and surrounding people. So it is better to do such exercises in the street that will make you pay attention to the life around. Do you know how many steps are from your house to the bus stop (or to the parking place)? And what signboard is opposite your favourite supermarket? Pay attention to this details – and the first stage of neurobics for the street is overcome.

Give up your habits to keep your brain healthy

And now it is high time to astonish your colleagues. At lunch time don’t hurry to the smoking room. Take out of your drawer candies and suck them instead of habitual cigarette. Let surrounding people break their head over what has happened with you, but you, having declined a traditional cup of coffee, continue practicing neurobics – parallely with your work.

Put in order things on your table. Not the accepted order but an unusual one: let every thing occupy a new, not customary place. Of course, this new arrangement has to be remembered, straining once again your poor brain. Activate its work by putting on the table a vessel with aromatic oil. In Japan, for example, it is believed that nutmeg and cinnamon increase working efficiency, but tangerine and lemon invigorate. If your work conditions allow, bring a player to your office and listen to the records of various sounds: sea surf, singing of forest birds. Or just fling the window open – and numerous sounds and noises will break into your habitual space. Don’t worry, such shocks and stresses for your cells are only for the good – the more they active, the longer they keep their working capacity.

Read aloud to keep your brain healthy

When did you allow yourself such luxury? All the more, such activity is very useful for your brain: during reading aloud as many areas of the brain become active, as never work when you read to yourself. Involve in reading all the members of your family. You can even turn newspapers and magazines reading in a wonderful family tradition. Some of you reads an article aloud, and then you all can discuss it. As you see, there are a lot of plusses: communication, load for nerve cells, and collective (more precisely, family) pastime.

Make love in a new way to keep your brain healthy

For those who practice neurobics, sex is just an inexhaustible source of inspiration. At sex all the sense organs are working, one should only skilfully direct them – to get the greatest effect. Switch on your fantasy, make your brain work a little. Pleasant, relaxing music, light evening meal, romantic atmosphere, tender touches – all this dispose to getting pleasure and makes tremble absolutely all the cells of your body. Here the brain has no time to rest – every second new sensations that have to be treated. Here is a scientific motive variegate intimate life.

Enjoy life to keep your brain healthy

Don’t be afraid of your new feelings and sensations. If your life flows relatively quietly, undertake mountain river rafting. If in your everyday life you get tired of mad rhythm and constant strain, find a week and arrange a holiday of “doing-nothing”. You can go to the country, and it is an additional source of neurobic exercises. Digging in the garden, cultivating trees and flowers, weeding carrot perfectly fits the system of neurobics.

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