Nordic walking

After the discovery that I have problems with cardio – vascular system I followed the advice of the attending physician and started walking in the fresh air. And...

After the discovery that I have problems with cardio – vascular system I followed the advice of the attending physician and started walking in the fresh air. And because walking on the asphalt in a dusty and filled with gases city would have brought all my attempts to improve my health down to zero, I chose the nearest forest and began “visiting” it, combining walking with the contemplation of nature and active ventilation of the lungs with oxygen. I have to admit that there were no improvements in my physical condition whatsoever, although a walk in the forest was a pleasure, both calming and inspiring for philosophical attitude to life. In order to lose weight (I have weight problems) and to strengthen my flabby muscles- more vigorous loads were required. The doctor recommended along with walking, that I should swim in a pool, where I would for sure receive some steady loads. However, that would work if I attended swimming lessons regularly and anyway I am not so good at swimming.

And behold, on one of the walks in a summer forest I have met an old man on the path who was energetically waving his hands while walking. When I got near him my attention was drawn to the sticks in his hands. Poles were very similar to the ones in skiing, but with some tricky anchorages. Seeing on my face a rather surprised expression, old man explained that he is searching for his skis from last winter, then gave a smile and hurried away into the depths of the forest. And then I realized how to achieve perfect health and good spirit.

nordic walkingPraise the Internet! All the information about this type (rather popular now) of fitness I found pretty easily. It turns out that walking with a cane is a great way to make physical activity interesting, with the best possible positive effect but at the same time very accessible. Everyone can practice this “sport”, regardless of age and especially those who lead a «sedentary way of life». This sport is called “Nordic walking” and it has already captured more than six million people worldwide. Along with the loss of more calories than during normal walking, nordic walking with a pole is capable of training heart muscles, helps to lose weight effectively, «tighten» muscles of the legs, the press and the shoulder belt because in the process about 90% of body muscles are involved. Doctors calculated that Nordic walking increases the maximum oxygen consumption by 20-25% and that is approximately by 46% more efficient than normal walking. In order to maintain good physical shape it is enough to go nordic walking three times per week for 30-40 minutes along your route. This wonderful power training (Nordic walking) increases both endurance and coordination. Changing the pace of Nordic walking, the length and complexity of the route, you get a great way to accurately dose and distribute the load during your training.

As a result, in half a year of systematic training with Nordic walking I have lost 7 kilos, significantly improved my health and problems with my heart does not worry me anymore. I’m always in a good mood.

Nordic walking – there is nothing easier! Nordic walking is a great way to improve health and to keep myself in shape. Now, when on the beaches of Europe and America there are people with ski poles in their hands no one is surprised. Nordic walking is rapidly spreading around the world, because as many physicians consider, in contrast to the usual running, walking, or gymnastics, this is far more beneficial for health and helps harmoniously develop the body.

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