Most famous natural aphrodisiacs

It was found that natural aphrodisiacs have the ability to influence the pituitary gland and the formation of endorphins. It is endorphin that aggravates sexual desires, origin of...

It was found that natural aphrodisiacs have the ability to influence the pituitary gland and the formation of endorphins. It is endorphin that aggravates sexual desires, origin of erotic fantasies, helps people feel free and emancipated and causes the feelings of elation and euphoria.

famous natural aphrodisiacsEndorphins, moreover, have painkilling effect, positively affect the nervous system, effective during frigidity and impotence, regenerate the vital energy and eliminate toxins.

Natural aphrodisiacs increase the potency, remove frigidity and prevent premature ejaculation, increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Love properties of aphrodisiacs can be explained by several factors.

First of all, most natural aphrodisiacs have high nutritional value; they contain a rich set of vitamins and trace elements, which improves the metabolism, regeneration of strength and sexual abilities.

Some aphrodisiac contain enzymes, similar to sex hormones or contain substances that helps the body produce these hormones by itself.

There are also natural aphrodisiacs foods, which rush blood to the genitals thus increasing their sensitivity. There are many different plants that stimulate libido. We invite you to get acquainted with the most famous of them.

Most famous natural aphrodisiacs

The seeds of pumpkin

Biologically active substances that are contained in pumpkin seeds increase sexual potency. The perfect tool for the prevention of prostate, activates the body’s immune system and slows down the increase in the number of cells of the prostate tissues, eliminates urination problems and the pain during prostate adenoma.


Already in ancient times it was known as a stimulant for women from a virgin-goddess Artemis. Long ago absinthe was produced from wormwood oil with the addition of anise and marjoram, it is a strong alcoholic drink with specific poisonous green colour, it was considered as a strong erotic stimulant.

The ancient Greeks believed that if you put a bowl with wormwood under the bed, it will help to kindle great passion in a pair.

Later a research showed that absinthe is very dangerous for health and this drink was banned in most countries of the world. Now the female «Viagra» is produced by pharmaceutical industry in a safe form of pills.

St. John’s wort

This plant is widely used as a way to improve the mood and also as a means to stimulate sexual activity in people that are exposed to stress and depression.
Low sexual activity is an indicator that a person is on an early or a middle stage of depression.
A scientific study showed that 60% of women of postmenstrual age with low sexual activity after using St. John’s wort felt an interest in sex again and 82% got rid of unreasonable irritability, anxiety and poor sleep.

Recommended to all whose sexual activity was reduced as a result of physical exhaustion, stress, poor mood or depression.

Ginkgo biloba

This plant is more known for its improving memory properties rather than as an aphrodisiac.

Ginkgo Biloba relaxes vascular walls, increases blood circulation in the limbs and thus improves erection.

Studies have shown that men who have potency problems improvements can be seen after 6-8 weeks of Ginkgo Biloba usage, after 6 months half of the patients experienced full recovery from bad potency.

It is recommended for people whose low libido is related to stress or cardiovascular system diseases.

Flower pollen

It is – “superfood”, it contains practically all known nutrients – rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, RNA, DNA and superoxide dismutase, which slower the process aging. Bee pollen is used by athletes from all over the world to strengthen muscles and improve endurance. In connection to sexual interest bee pollen is one of the most effective.

Yohimbe bark extract is a known aphrodisiac

Yohimbe is a unique African tree. Yohimbe bark and yohimbe bark extract is used for producing extremely popular and legal aphrodisiacs. Perhaps it is the most famous aphrodisiacs on a vegetable basis. In West Africa yohimbe bark, in accordance with ancient traditions, is used to make drinks to enhance potency. Modern medicine offers us safe yohimbe pills.

First Europeans that found the magical abilities of yohimbe bark extract, spread the news about it all around the world with great enthusiasm. The demand for the magical yohimbe bark grew so quick that in order to ensure the needed quantity, they had to make yohimbe tree plantations. And all is because that yohimbe bark helps the body produce enough testosterone that significantly affects sexual desire in women and men.

Products based on the yohimbe bark extract increase the sexual appetite, cause erection and help the formation of sperm.

Yohimbine is a substance that is contained in the yohimbe bark also increases sexual sensitivity and coordinated movements.

Yohimbine causes a burst of emotions, thus helping to overcome the “psychological barrier”. This effect of yohimbine almost equally affects both women and men, because both cause better blood circulation in the pelvic region. During orgasm human body, with the help of medication from yohimbe feels like dissolving and merging with the body of your partner.

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