Vetiver essential oil

Only roots of vetiver plant are used to make the oil. Way of production – steam distillation of vetiver roots. Content of essential vetiver oil in the obtained...

Only roots of vetiver plant are used to make the oil. Way of production – steam distillation of vetiver roots. Content of essential vetiver oil in the obtained tar is 4%. Vetiver essential oil is thick, saturated, heavy, of amber-gummy and tea colours. The rich and earthy smell of vetiver oil is often called the Oil of Tranquillity.

vetiver efirnoe masloVetiver is cultivated in India, Indonesia, and Haiti. Fans are made out of vetiver roots that spread a tender aroma at the slightest wave. In India, thin woven rugs are made that are watered for hot hours of the day to refresh the dwelling place. According to the Hindu philosophy, Vetiver represents Prakriti, the feminine principle – the symbol of the universal energy. Prakriti has the power of manifestation and the ability to restore the connection with the source of life.

Complementary aromas of vetiver

Grapefruit, bergamot, verbena, pine, limette, myrtle, eucalyptus, cypress, juniper.

Vetiver therapeutic class – adaptogen, aphrodisiac.

Health benefits of vetiver essential oil

Weight reduction, stimulation of metabolism. Glues up small wounds (by making protective pellicle), produces blood-stopping, antiseptic and regenerating effect. Rejuvenates.

Historic data and unusual effects of vetiver

The vetiver amulet of courtly chic, helps find the needed words to express thoughts (removes tongue-tie), improves oratorical abilities and communicability. Vetiver imparts mellow, charming tones to voice timbre (removes falsetto, symptoms of voice breaking at puberty).

Vetiver essential oil in perfumes

Vetiver essential oil is widely used in perfumery. Extracted essential vetiver oil from the roots is of yellowish-mustard hue, very thick and heavy with a deep, smoky-earthy stable woody smell. In ancient times, with the help of vetiver baths, noble women restored the elasticity of skin and the grace of the figure after childbirth.

Vetiver essential oil is a natural aphrodisiac

Vetiver is a splendid aroma of Aphrodite. The strength of vetiver is immense. It sweeps away erotic infantilism, frigidity and sexual impotence, giving the way to the powerful stream of erotic sensations. Take internally 2 – 3 drops of vetiver essential oil per one teaspoon of honey:

  • Adapts nervous activity to the conditions of the surrounding world
  • Removes depression and nervousness
  • Acts as a powerful antiseptic
  • Optimizes the process of perspiration
  • Stimulates digestion

Vetiver oil helps psycho emotional correction

Removes depressive states, symptoms of grievous insensitivity, anxiety, shock, panic, hysteria. Vetiver helps to concentrate, normalizes biorhythms of sleep and wakefulness (effective against insomnia and hypersomnia).

Cosmetic effects of vetiver essential oil

Vetiver is used at home as skin conditioner, helps arthritis, muscle pains, rheumatism. Vetiver oil has a strong relaxing effect, so it is irreplaceable for massage and baths.

Vetiver essential oil in skin care

Vetiver oil rejuvenates skin, cleanses it of dead cells, imparts elasticity. Has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Is recommended for fading skin. Can be used for any type of skin. Vetiver essential oil helps in treatment of various types of blackheads, wounds, cuts, and also inflammations. Restores skin integument of fading dry skin, and skin thinning. It is also a wonderful moisturizer.

Vetiver oil influences skin through the stimulation of the work of capillary vessels. Raises the elasticity of connective tissue, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, making skin firm and smooth.

Vetiver essential oil removes congestive inflammatory processes, infiltrates, premenstrual pubertal hormone-dependent rash. Drains and constricts pores. Removes hyperhidrosis of arms, legs, face and body. Removes keratosis. Stimulates the synthesis of melanin, fastens tan on skin, removes dermatitis, prevents the formation of chloasma on skin.

Essential vetiver oil for your hair

Vetiver oil stops the loss of hair, restores the keratic layer of a hair, damaged by chemical substances, UV, water, etc. Vetiver raises the elasticity of damaged hair.

Vetiver oil helps your wellbeing and health

Vetiver removes laryngitis, hoarseness. Pluripotential antiseptic, softens cough in bronchitis, tracheitis. Has angiotonic effect, reduces varicosity. Stimulates the work of the organs of digestion, removes congestive products. Potentiates metabolism, prevents the accumulation of over weight. Has diuretic effect. Powerful erotic stimulant, prevents sexual impotence and frigidity. Vetiver produces a beneficial effect on the locomotor apparatus, removes arthritis, myositis, muscles contracture, myasthenia. Regulates perspiration.

Essential vetiver oil in aromatherapy

  • removes depression
  • allows to reach erotic harmony
  • reveals the mystery of sensual flight of body and fantasy

Home use of vetiver oil

Fixative in perfume compositions, dries wet notes of aromas. Ideal for deodorization of damp rooms, soap and shampoos flavouring, and also for the creation of perfumes for man.

Applications and average dosage of vetiver essential oil:

  • Before application check the aroma for individual tolerance
  • Aroma diffusers: 5 – 8 drops per 15 m2
  • Inhalations: hot (7 – 10 min.) – 1drop; cold (3 – 4 min.)
  • Aromamedallions: 1 drop
  • Rinsing: 2 drop with 0.5 teaspoon of emulgator (soda, salt, honey) per glass of warm water
  • Baths: general 6 – 7 drops; warm half bath 3 – 5 drops
  • Massage, anointment: 2 – 6 drops per 10 ml of a base
  • Compresses: warm oily – on the area of traumas, pain (3 drops per 10 ml of oil)
  • Erotic massage and intimate cosmetics: 10 drops per 15 ml of a base (macadamia, jojoba oil)
  • Nasal drops: 1 drop per 2 – 3 teaspoons of hypericum oil, instil 3 – 4 drops in each nostril 1 time in 60 – 90 min
  • Enrichment of cosmetics: 1 – 3 drop per 5 ml of a base

Vetiver recipe – Cosmetic vetiver ice

Mix 5 drops of vetiver oil with honey or cosmetic cream (1 teaspoon), dissolve in 200ml of water and freeze in ice-cubes. Wipe the face, the neck and the decolette area in the morning and in the evening.

Taking internally: add to honey, jam (5 -7 drops of vetiver oil per 100ml), take 1 teaspoon of the mixture 1 – 4 times a day. Wash down with a great quantity of acidated water, fermented milk products, juice.

Precautionary measures and subjective perceptions: undesirable to use in the first half of pregnancy (tones up the myometrium). Application causes light wavy perceptions of warmth and coolness (1 – 2 minutes). The reaction is natural.

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